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Published: May 4th 2014



Gault  by  A.E. Mableson

Gault by A.E. Mableson
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Forbidden magic and immortality fascinated Gault.The witch Zerena appeared to have discovered some secret magic that conferred immortality. Gault was prepared to use forbidden crystal magic to discover her secrets.The lust to learn forbidden knowledge almost kept the Order of the Golden Star from accepting him. In the end they did. It would have been better if they had never trained him.Gault is the fourth part of the epic, historical fantasy novel series, Before the Storm: A Time of Legends and Wizard Stories.

In this epic fantasy series, the powerful Wizards of the Golden star use their magic to battle threats to enchanted Island World.A. E. Mableson has done a masterful job of creating an imaginary world of wizards, magic and conflict in this epic fantasy series.

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